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Digging for Roots

La donna Abruzzese - the only woman permitted to grace the kitchen of the New Orsogna Club in Queens, NY - For the article, go to

I found this bronze plaque of “la donna Abruzzese” in the garage kitchen of the New Orsogna Club in Queens, NY.  She may be the only woman permitted to grace this kitchen that is run exclusively by its male members.  For the article, go to

“Why we eat what we eat.”  That’s the mantra of American Food Roots, an online project dedicated to uncovering America’s culinary roots.  The AFR website states, “Through food, we celebrate our heritage – regional, religious, ethnic, political, familial. We cook and eat to connect with family and friends, as well as with ancestors we never knew.”  American Food Roots is led by four talented and experienced journalists whose mission is to share recipes and stories about America’s culinary traditions through articles, interviews, photos, videos and other media outlets.

A few months ago, my friend Helen Free, author of the blog, Hang on to the Vine and one of the co-organizers of the Let’s Blog Abruzzo conference I’m attending in June, urged me to join the AFR community and introduced me to her friend, Italian cookbook author Domenica Marchetti.  Since becoming an AFR community member, I have learned about: using a wok to make sausage and peppers; the Easter food customs of a Moravian-American community in North Carolina; the 500-year history of fusion cuisine in Florida; the beauty of using heirloom cooking tools to recreate old family recipes and so much more.

Domenica and the the AFR team gave me the opportunity to contribute to American Food Roots with a story about my father’s Italian social club in Queens, New York and the men who cook there.  The article also features a recipe for plangozze al sugo, a rustic and hearty homemade pasta dish from Abruzzo.  Happy reading and buon appetito!

Plangozze al sugo

Plangozze al sugo

Join the fascinating conversation about America’s culinary heritage.  Sign up to become a member of the American Food Roots community at


A Giostra to Remember

The town of Sulmona in Abruzzo is one of my favorite places in all of Italy.  Last summer, my family and I attended the annual Giostra Cavalleresca — a Palio-like festival and horse race that dates back to the Renaissance.   The wonderful travel website Abruzzo Up N’ Down just published a piece I wrote about this one-of-a-kind cultural experience —

Sulmona's Lovely Artisanal Confetti

Sulmona’s Lovely Artisanal Confetti

For more information about the lovely (and still off-the-beaten-path) town of Sulmona, “Like” Welcome to Sulmona on FB —

Dancing ladies-in-waiting during the sflilata -

Dancing ladies-in-waiting during the sfilata – check out more at

My Story on Life in Abruzzo

An exciting day!  A story that I wrote about my full-circle experience in my father’s hometown of Salle, Abruzzo is featured on the Life in Abruzzo website.  Life in Abruzzo is a fantastic English-language website dedicated to the promotion of travel in the region.  Please read my story by clicking on the link below and explore this lovely and informative site! Ciao!

Mountain on Fire

The Feast of Sant’Antonio Abate was celebrated throughout Southern Italy on January 17th.  Please check out to read an article I wrote for Delicious Italy about the celebration in my dad’s hometown of Salle. (Photo below taken by my friend Francesco of this year’s bonfire in Salle.)


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